Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Swim Safely: Backyard Swimming Pools are More Fun when they are Safer

There’s no denying the growing popularity of backyard swimming pools among Perth homeowners. More than their eye-catching beauty and appeal of cool water on a hot day, swimming pools attract attention due to their unique ability to bring families and friends closer to a tropical paradise without even leaving the house.

While it’s easy to get lost in inspecting the finer details of a swimming pool, homeowners must put safety above anything else. Keep in mind that, as children are attracted to the water, parents must do everything they can to prevent any untoward incidents. In the end, prioritising safety will make for an even more enjoyable swimming pool experience.

Barriers and Ornaments

As mandated by the law, swimming pools should be enclosed with a barrier that has a height of no less than 1200 mm. Keep in mind, though, that barriers should be made of a durable material – glass, steel, wood. With these requirements in mind, you still have the freedom to select a range of great modern looking barriers such as frameless glass fencing so you can still see your swimming pool as if there were no barrier there.

Should you plan on adding ornaments around the pool, be it garden furniture, trees, shrubs, and similar features, remember that these shouldn’t be within the required 1200 mm of the barrier. This is to prevent your children from climbing over these objects.

Extending the Pool Season

Summer may seem to be the only time to enjoy swimming pools, but you can extend the pool season easily with pool heating systems. Among the different choices available, solar, gas or electric heat pumps, heating your pool can maximize your investment and keep you swimming all year round. Installing a blanket on your swimming pool will also help keep out debris, reduce evaporation and save money on chemical treatments.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for great swimming pools that you and your family can enjoy all year-round.

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