Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Steps to Take in Maintaining a Pool With Ease

When you own a swimming pool keeping it in tiptop shape is a priority. The life of your pool and how well it serves you depends on the care you give it. Following a few simple rules will ensure you have plenty of enjoyment from pool ownership.

Bacteria build-up, poor water circulation, cloudy looking water, dirty pool – these are all easily avoided scenarios. Maintaining the chemical balance of your pool water is a necessity.

Maintaining pH Levels

Ensure that the pH level in your pool suits the pool surface type. Concrete pools should be within the range of 7.2 – 7.6, a fiberglass pool should be between 7.0 – 7.2. Total Alkalinity levels are also very important – this is a measure of bi-carbonates, carbonates and hydroxides in your pool water. The recommended range is between 60 and 200ppm. If the Total Alkalinity of your pool water is low it can cause the pH level to become very unstable, with small additions of chemicals resulting in large shifts in your pools pH level.

If your pH level is not maintained it may adversely impact chlorine from fighting bacteria and cause your pool water to become cloudy.  Lower pH levels will make the water acidic and can damage the walls of a concrete pool. Likewise with a high pH level, scale can build up on pool floors and walls as well as pool equipment. Take ownership of a DIY kit that will assist in testing and monitoring the pool water chemical balance yourself.

Removing Stains

Staining in pools is not unheard of, it is usually a result of products or lotions that people use when swimming, or debris falling into the pool and resting on the floor. It is important to remove all stains as soon as they appear to give you the best chance of removing them without too much hassle. A metal chelating agent will help get rid of iron stains without damaging the surface. These agents come with specific instructions you must follow on the right amount to use and the stain to treat.

Use Pool Covers

Another way to ensure your pool stays clean is to get a cover. Most of the dirt and debris you will find in your pool comes from the surface. If your pool is in an area surrounded by trees and leafy plants, a pool cover will come in handy. It will help keep this debris out of your pool.

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