Monday, 15 February 2016

Choosing a Swimming Pool: Various Factors to Consider

Installing a swimming pool in your home requires a reasonable amount of research and consideration. There are a number of factors that will affect your choice, one being the size of the pool you choose.

If you are installing a swimming pool in your front or backyard, then you have to evaluate how much space is available. Also, a pool should not be so large as to distract from the rest of your outdoor area, it should fit in with your landscape or garden theme. Adding a pool to your yard can also provide the perfect opportunity to update your entire outdoor area with a new theme, add a gazebo or cabana to get you in the holiday mood!

Pool Use

First, establish who the pool is for. The primary users and their pool needs will determine the size. If you have professional swimmers in your home, then you may want to consider a large lap pool. If the pool is only for a few people to have fun and keep cool during the warmer months, then invest in a size that will complement your outdoor space, not take over it.

Consider Regulations

Before you start looking at pool catalogues, take time to understand the regulations for installing a pool in your home. Different regions have various rules and codes that need to be adhered to. If in doubt talk to a professional swimming pool builder for advice.

Thought needs to be given to amenities such as sewerage lines, power, telephone or water lines. Knowing these are not in the vicinity of your proposed pool will help when the contractors arrive for the dig.

Adding Value To Your Home

Other than choosing the size, shape, colour and material of your swimming pool, you must also think about what it will mean for the value of your home. Installing a pool will add value if it suits the style of house and provides a functional outdoor entertainment zone for families to enjoy.

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