Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Want a Pool for Your Home? 3 Factors to Consider

Any pool you find in photo galleries of Perth builders are meant to look lovely. As with all the fine things in the world, however, not everything can be a perfect match for you and your home. There are always multiple shapes, sizes, and colours to choose from for your pool design. To narrow down your options, consider the following factors:

Household. Who’ll be using the pool? For teens or young adults, the pool can be designed for hanging out or swimming sports. If you’re a family with little kids, the design may include waddle areas, slides, and other play features. If you have elderly members, a pool fit for exercise, water therapy, and lap swimming would be ideal.

Functionality. Imagine the pattern of movement around the pool. How far should the sun bathing chairs be from the splash zone? How near should the pool be to the entrance, bar, changing room, and food preparation area? If you’re holding pool parties, how many people do you wish to accommodate? Would you like fancy, curvy-shaped pools, or just the plain-shaped ones to maximise space?

Maintenance. Regular cleaning helps maintain the beauty of your pool longer. List the items you need to keep it clean, how frequently you need to clean it and replace the water and all the necessary accessories to shield it from bad weather. Opt for fibreglass pools as these are less likely to promote algae growth compared to concrete pools.

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