Friday, 17 July 2015

Top 3 Myths about Fibreglass Swimming Pools

Fibreglass pools offer loads of advantages, as evident in their growing popularity among Perth homeowners for the last couple of years. There are also many myths, however, regarding the drawbacks of owning a fibreglass pool. Let us debunk the top three:

Myth 1: It looks cheap
This would have been true some 15 years ago but manufacturers have gone a long way to improving the aesthetic quality of fibreglass pools. Nowadays, there are countless design options to select from for homes of different sizes, types and value. Fibreglass pools now look more permanent (in-ground types really are) and you have a broad variety of finishes, tiling, lighting and water features to choose from. 

Myth 2: It can crack when it’s cold.
Fibreglass is highly resilient and strong so no freezing condition (which is very unlikely in Perth) can damage its structural integrity in any way. It’s 17 times more durable than concrete and can last under any temperature due to its tensile strength. 

Myth 3: It can get displaced
Fibreglass pools can float or pop out if they are drained and the water beneath them creates an upward pressure on the now lightweight structure. They don’t, however, need resurfacing nor use liners so they don’t really have to be drained; the water’s there to weigh it down. There’s also the concrete deck to seal the outer edge of the pool to keep the fibreglass from moving.

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