Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Backyard Pool: No Grass? No Problem

Do you want your pool to have a natural look, but abhor having grass around it? That’s okay—your backyard pool area doesn’t have to rely on grass as a landscape foundation. Class, beauty and tranquillity can be achieved without grass—all it takes is a little design know-how and a lot of imagination.

Greenery as a grass alternative
Greenery and plants can be enough to make your backyard pool area exude that natural vibe. For a natural look, use different-sized and different-coloured plants to create critical focus points that will help your eye move around the area. Some of the pool-friendly plants to consider include Red Boronia, Small Crowea, Native Fuchsia, Burrawang and Waxflower.

Concrete and stone
A grassless backyard gives you the perfect blank slate to add different materials and textures to your backyard. Consider using slabs, stone, and pavers to create walkways with a personal touch. Granite can be another inspired option. For a contemporary look, try mixing different materials into your design.

Adding a waterfall feature to your yard can have that soothing effect that can be so helpful after a long day. The sound of cascading water can be equally effective at giving a relaxing backyard spot and creating a beautiful statement piece in that part of your home.

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