Tuesday, 23 June 2015

When Pools Can Still Be Refurbished for Others

There comes a time when you realise that your fibreglass pool “has seen better days.” You may notice that it has acquired several signs of damage over its long faithful years of being your family’s source of enjoyment.

Now, you don’t really use the pool anymore, and you think you’d rather use the space for other purposes like gardening or adding a new outdoor dining area. However, you think it would be a waste if you have the pool removed and it ends up as pile of rubbish.

That doesn’t have to be the case, since fibreglass pools can be fully refurbished for others to enjoy. Some pool companies can remove you pool, restore it, and find homeowners who want to have the leisurely home accessory.

Here are some signs of damage that can still be refurbished:

·         Repairable cracks or leaks

·         Bulging or bowing pool walls

·         Sagging steps or benches

·         Faded colour finishes

·         Corrosion stains

Of course, even if your fibreglass pool doesn’t have these signs, you can still choose to have it removed. When your pool company does a stellar job during installation and you do an excellent job at maintenance, this is certainly possible even years after the pool was installed. Perhaps, you just don’t want to invest on having the pool repaired and on maintaining it. You might want to save on water or energy expenditures, too. Those are great reasons to have the removed and refurbished for others’ use.

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