Thursday, 4 June 2015

Perfect Pool and Spa Combinations for the Family

The best family pools are those that come with features both children and adults can enjoy. If you’re thinking of ideas for a brand new dream pool, consider these pool and spa combinations that many find truly irresistible and thoroughly captivating:

Geometric pools with similarly geometric spas

Geometric pools and spas can be designed in a way that one balances the appearance of the other. One effective way to do this is to have a Baja ledge at one pool end, then complement it with a spa of the same dimensions at the opposite end.

Kidney-shaped pool with an adjacent circular spa

Angle-free pool and spa combinations can lend your pool area a soft and inviting look.  A circular design allows bathers to easily chat and mingle with everyone, making this the ideal pool and spa combination for socialising and relaxing with friends and family.

Pond pool with detached spa

Surrounding your pool with well-chosen plant life and painting the bottom an earthy green will make for a beautiful, nature-inspired pond pool. You can enhance the look by pairing it with a detached in-ground spa. For better effect, connect the two with a winding path that allows bathers a scenic view of your well-manicured organic environment.

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