Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Perth Swimming Pools: Rules to Remember

When you’re thinking of having a pool installed in your backyard, take note that there are certain pool regulations you have to comply with. The addition of swimming pools in Perth homes is primarily overseen by the government of Western Australia, and certain cities or suburbs may have specific guidelines, too. Here are the most basic rules to remember and discuss with your pool contractor:

Building Permits

Under the WA Legislation, you will find a section called the Building Act 2011, which requires a permit to be obtained if you will install a domestic swimming pool (and an outdoor spa). The application entails documents signed by you – the property owner – and your builder. You cannot accomplish these documents alone since they require the expertise of an engineer, architect, and other professionals in the pool building team. 


Besides the building permit for the pool, an authorisation for pool safety barriers, which are required by the State, should also be secured. These barriers or fences should be compliant to the Building Code provisions, Building Regulations 2012, and the Australian Standard 1926.1, which could be confirmed by your local council. It’s a good thing leading pool contractors in Perth offer fencing services as well.

Several local councils conduct inspections for the safety and compliance of pools and fencing. Therefore, if you want to ensure that your pool is constructed according to set standards and in accordance to your preferences, work with an experienced pool builder in Perth.

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