Thursday, 16 April 2015

Bring Some Colour to Your Pool

Pool contractors give you the freedom to choose what colour you want for your fibreglass pool. You can choose between the traditional blue and others like green and yellow. Before choosing a colour, however, take the look of the backyard into account. As far as landscaping is concerned, opposites attract.

Experts suggest a light-coloured theme for a dark pool or a dark-coloured theme for a light pool. This demonstrates good use of contrast, which makes for a unique design. Kasper Aaberg, founder of graphics blog Love of Graphics, says dark themes stand out while light themes hang back. Together, they create a dramatic and inviting effect.

Pool colours also have an effect on water reflection. If you want your pool to be the centre of attention, go for a lighter colour to help attract would-be swimmers to the water. If your priority is on the accentuating the surroundings, a darker colour will reflect the pool’s landscape. However, you may want to add pool lights for a dramatic effect at night.

Temperature is another factor to consider in choosing your pool colour. Darker colours attract heat better than lighter ones, possibly increasing water temperature by up to three degrees. Lighter colours would be the more sensible option in warm areas like Perth, but don’t let that stop you from getting creative with darker colours.

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