Monday, 9 March 2015

Three Nifty Pool Additions for a Fresh New Look

Pools are a great and cost-effective way for homeowners to beat the heat. Then again, even these cool recreation spots can get a little bland over time. In this case, beefing up the looks and usability of your pool would make sense. Consider the following additions to boost your fibreglass pool’s appeal:
A spa can be a great addition to your swimming pool. If you can have one built close enough to the water, you can utilise the equipment used to pump water into your pool to do double duty, meaning you can also use it to direct water to your spa. By using all or part of your existing pool system, you can greatly reduce the cost of installing and maintaining a spa.

For a truly fun and family-oriented pool, consider adding a cascading waterfall. Waterfalls can be big or small, and can even span the length of the swimming pool if you prefer. For a more natural look, add rocks or boulders to the overall design.
Gel Coat
If the surface of your fibreglass pool looks rather dull or worn, it could be time for a new gel coat application that keeps the surface protected. A fibreglass pool with a nice gel-coat surface will have a distinct and lovely shine as sunlight hits the water.

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