Monday, 2 March 2015

Does it Make Sense to Buy a Used Fiberglass Pool?

A lot of people buy used fibreglass pools in Perth.  In many cases, ‘used’ refers to a fiberglass pool that was removed for refurbishment.  Assuming you’re interested in a used fiberglass shell, here are some points to ponder.

The Pool’s Physical Appearance
The shell’s cosmetic finish will depend on whether it was previously damaged then repaired.  Whilst most refurbishment work is nearly invisible to the naked eye, a few details stick out.  Either way, try to find out how extensive the damage was and what was done to resolve it. This could serve as leverage when negotiating a price.

Visible Damage
Be sure to point out any discolouration and check the integrity of the patch-up. A previously damaged shell is not an indication that the pool is weaker in that particular area. On the contrary, the pool could be even stronger than it was before. 

Warranty Coverage
Most fibreglass pool shells have a minimum structural warranty of 25 years. Get this warranty agreement in writing, and find out how to contact the original manufacturer so you have someone to consult if repairs are required.

How much should it cost?

If the pool has been buried for years, pricing should be at 50-75% off the regular retail cost. If the pool is slightly damaged but the repair is consistent, the discount could go up as high as 5-15% off the regular price.

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