Monday, 16 March 2015

Are Roman-End Plunge Pools Any Good?

Roman-end pool, which is characterised by a rectangular shape and a half-circle on both ends, can make an excellent and interesting addition to your backyard. Yet even if more than half your neighbourhood has opted for this pool design, should you have one installed as well? The answer will ultimately depend on your home or courtyard’s design as well as your lifestyle.

For instance, if you want the kind of plunge pool that allows you to swim short laps uninterruptedly, you might want to consider a rectangular or L-shaped pool over a Roman-end pool. The arched ends of the latter are usually built with steps or entry points, which are likely to prevent you from having a clear lane from end to end during lap swimming. Such a pool design may also not be suitable if your home has a sleek, contemporary design.

Meanwhile, if your home happens to be a rustic stone-clad structure with minimal colours, then a Roman-end pool may fit the bill. Otherwise, you may enclose your outdoor living space in tall wooden fences or shrubs and other vintage-inspired landscaping elements. This way, every trip to your pool area feels like being transported to a different time and place.

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