Monday, 10 November 2014

Setting up the Pool Solar Heater

Western Australia’s mostly clear weather practically gives owners of fibreglass pools a chance to frolic on the water. However, there are some who prefer the water being really warm at any given day of the year, warranting the installation of solar water heating systems. A pool contractor can guide you on the various factors that govern the machine’s placement and capacity.
Ready, Aim, Heat
As a general rule, the solar collectors for the heater are normally between 80% to 100% equivalent of the pool’s area. If you are setting them up atop the roof, check if the roof can handle the extra weight. If part of your roof faces north or west, place the collectors there to obtain optimum heating flow, but add extra collectors if the area is usually windy; it reduces the final amount of collected heat.
Colours even bolster the efficiency of the solar collector. For instance, try asking if the collectors are dark-coloured; a darkened roof also conducts heat well.
Covered Up
Consider setting solar covering for the pool. The blanket helps retain the heating load for the water. This may work well if you’re gone for most of the day and want the temperature warm for an early night swim.
A solar heated pool has the capability to warm up the water by as much as ten degrees Celsius. Come in, the water’s fine!

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