Monday, 17 November 2014

Pool Safety for Children begins at Home

Over the last decade in Australia, there were more than 300 documented cases of accidental drowning of children under the age of five – half of them in residential swimming pools. With supervision and the proper physical arrangements, these deaths could have been avoided. Unless you can hire lifeguards like those at plunge pools in Perth, homeowners should always bear these tips in mind.

Maintain barriers
Safety experts recommend fencing off a pool area for as long as there are young children around. Access should only be allowed as long as children are accompanied by an adult. Stow all water playthings to prevent kids from getting tempted. Keep furniture or anything that can be used to climb over the barrier locked up to deter mischievous young ones.

Brush up on CPR skills
Have all the adults (including yourself) attend a CPR course, which in many cases are given free of charge. If necessary, post an illustrated CPR guide in the pool area together with the phone number of emergency services or your family doctor. Remember, many of the child deaths could have been prevented by immediate medical intervention.

Adult supervision
For as long as your children are near or in the water, do not let your guard down. A child may need your help but may be too weak to cry out, so watch their body language carefully. With vigilance and safety measures in place, it may be possible to bring the yearly death toll from three hundred to zero.

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