Monday, 22 September 2014

Top Emerging Pool Trends

Having a pool is still one of the most popular ways to have rest and relaxation right in your own backyard while increasing the overall value of your home. Throughout the years, many changes in pool trends have been noted across homes in Perth. If you are looking for some inspiration for you own pool project, these ideas will definitely add a wow factor to your home.

Wading spaces are becoming more prevalent not only in households with children but with adults who just want to relax in the shallows while sunbathing or reading. As benches and seating areas built into the pool are frequently requested, gel coated fibreglass pools have become more in demand as they prevent skin abrasion and resist algae infestation.

The block is back when it comes to shapes as squares and rectangles dominate recent designs. With decreasing backyard sizes, geometric designs can be aligned closer to boundary lines and are more space efficient. As for the finish around the pool, homeowners are choosing plain colours with more texture to match the simplistic shape.

Water features and other additional pool accessories are still very much in demand. There is also a wide array of pool styles to choose from, but whatever design you pick, make sure that it reflects your lifestyle and suits your budget. 

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