Saturday, 2 August 2014

The art of making a swimming pool a work of art

If you had money to spend on a pool, how would you do it? A U.S. homeowner hired a pool builder to combine his affinity for violins with his love for Koi. What resulted was a pool design like no other. You can perhaps draw inspiration from this scenario.

The Stradivarius pool
The pool is shaped like a Stradivarius violin, with two fish-filled Koi ponds (shaped like a violin bow) intersecting the violin’s neck. The violin’s chin rest is a 12-person overflow spa. Not content with the design, the owner went ahead and added more “extras.”

Light and sound experience
Installed on the pool floor is 350 feet of fibre optic lighting as the violin’s “strings” which are synced with the music from the underwater speaker system. The pool’s translucent glass tiles (costing nearly half a million) on the floor sparkle in the daytime, as well as at night time.

Swimming with the fishes
The owner wanted to be able to view the Koi not only from above the pool but from inside it as well by installing acrylic panels. The fish ponds were decked with water lilies and outfitted with fibre optic lighting for a dreamy effect.

The cost of eccentricity

This design brought happiness of owning a pool to the next level and beyond and garnered design awards in the process. The pool was reportedly quite expensive, taking months to complete, but the owner claims it was worth every penny.  

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