Saturday, 16 August 2014

Take the Plunge: Get a Plunge Pool in Perth

Perth has one of the few Mediterranean climate zones in the world. Expect to see sunny skies for most of the year while experiencing hot summers and warm winters. The summer heat coincides with clear sunny skies in Perth, with temperatures ranging from an average of 27 and 33 °C.

The summer heat can be excruciating to a lot of people. With Perth’s generally warm and sunny weather, people are in search to find faster ways to cool down other than waiting for the afternoon breeze. To wade in the waters of a plunge pool just might do the trick on a typical warm day.
Unlike hot springs and hot tubs, plunge pools are filled with cold water. A plunge pool is small and shallow, designed and built for cooling off rather than for swimming. It is larger than a hot tub but is significantly smaller than a swimming pool. Some local homeowners prefer building a plunge pool than any other type due to its small size requirements and the fact that it is easy to maintain.

Cooling down in cold water not only stabilizes the body’s temperature in sunny summer days but also provides therapeutic benefits. So instead of going for a swim, why not take the plunge? 

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