Friday, 22 August 2014

Common Pool Problems and Their Solutions

Owning a backyard swimming pool is loads of fun, but it also demands attention and maintenance. Otherwise, you cut down the enjoyment of swimming, as well as put your health and that of your guests at risk. With that in mind, here are some common pool problems and ways to resolve them:

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Perth Pools Help Health-conscious People Keep in Great Shape

The exercise your muscles receive from swimming is just the beginning. Swimming is a low-impact exercise with no ground impact since you’re in the water, producing minimal stress or strain on the joints. Swimming has also been found to be a perfect cardiovascular exercise, working the heart and lungs while increasing the body’s endurance at the same time. If swimming can be integrated as part of your exercise and fitness routine, why not consider having a pool in your own backyard? Take note that pool installation can take a while and you may have to wait before you can start splashing around and enjoying it – although installing a fibreglass pool from the Team at Palm City Pools can be installed relatively quickly. Part of the delay includes the wait until permission to build is granted from your local government.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Dive into Pool Purchase: Benefits of Plunge Pools for Perth Homes

If you want to buy a pool to decorate the yard of your home in Western Australia, then you should familiarise yourself with the various options available and weigh up the pro’s and con’s of each. Plunge pools in Perth, for instance, can be an excellent choice for the space-conscious consumer, especially if they’ve been installed by professional, reliable contractors, such as Palm City Pools. Here are some of the advantages of installing a plunge pool outdoors, or even indoors. Space-Saving Plunge pools are meant for wading and lounging more than swimming, so they shouldn’t really take up much space—as a matter of fact, they are only slightly larger than a personal spa or hot tub. You may decide to make it part of your decking, or as a fixture in a small garden—no need for wide rectangles or ovals cut into your yard.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Take the Plunge: Get a Plunge Pool in Perth

Perth has one of the few Mediterranean climate zones in the world. Expect to see sunny skies for most of the year while experiencing hot summers and warm winters. The summer heat coincides with clear sunny skies in Perth, with temperatures ranging from an average of 27 and 33 °C.

Friday, 15 August 2014

Important Cleaning and Upkeep Tips for your Fibreglass Pools in Perth

If you believe that your home in Western Australia’s capital city could use some luxury, spare a thought for installing excellent Perth fibreglass pools. With this type of swimming pool, you can have a stylish and durable pool with little of the taxing maintenance needs of the conventional types—nevertheless, it is not without its own cleaning needs. Here’s what you need to know: Cleaning Algae Fortunately, algae do not easily get trapped in the pores of your fibreglass pool unlike other conventional pools, so all you have to do is to sweep it all the way to the main drains. You can also fight algae using the water chemistry in the pool, preferably by keeping the pH levels somewhere between 7.2 and 7.6

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Pools in Perth Homes: Gateway to Better Health and Olympic Athleticism

Of course, it is foolhardy to mandate every household to get their own swimming pools in the hopes that Australian children will take to the water and instantly dream of bringing home the gold medal. Then again, at least this option of having pools at home is a feasible and enjoyable one – Olympic medal or not. After all, there are plenty of other benefits of swimming, national fame and glory aside. The most obvious benefit, certainly, is the fitness, thanks to the full body workout that swimming laps could bring. New studies have also found that it helps in the cognitive development of children. Pools in Perth homes also add to the aesthetic appeal of the property, thereby consequently increasing its value as well. People love to be able to dip in pools, especially during the humid days, and what better way to do it than to just walk over to their own pool in the backyard?

Monday, 11 August 2014

The Benefits of Plunge Pools in Perth Homes: For Kids and Adults Alike

Nobody ever thought that a simple and sometimes leisure-related activity such as swimming could bring in some wonderful benefits to child development. Renowned Swiss developmental psychologist Jean Piaget, if alive today, would have probably been pleased to find out that an activity as fun as swimming is scientifically proven to bring significant benefits to children’s learning and cognitive development stages. However, having a pool in Perth homes does not only benefit children. Even adults can help maintain a healthier lifestyle by swimming laps regularly. After all, swimming is considered to be among, if not, the most holistic exercises out there, because it uses and activates muscles in the entire body. Of course, there is also the perk of being able to keep cool during the hot, summer days – even nights.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Fibreglass Pools in Perth Homes Offer Various Advantages to Owners

One of the first hurdles you’ll encounter is choosing the type of pool to install. While concrete and vinyl pools are viable options, more and more people are getting fibreglass pools from Perth installers like Palm City Pools. Owner John Raykos explains why these pools are so popular with customers: Easy to Install (or Remove) Fibreglass pools are prefabricated, meaning the “shell” arrives at your home premade and ready to be installed in the ground. You could be swimming laps in your very own pool in a week or less, which is far quicker than the three-week installation time required for concrete or vinyl pools. In the same vein, removing fiberglass pools from Perth homes is also markedly easier, according to Raykos, whose company also removes and refurbishes pre-owned pools.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Fibreglass pools: Dig and drop

Back in the day, homeowners had bloody debates on whether concrete or fibreglass is better to use for a swimming pool. That debate is pretty much over in the 21st century with the advent of mouldable fibreglass and computer design technology. When it comes to installation and pricing, fibreglass comes in first.

Concrete barrier
What stops many homeowners from investing in concrete pools is the building time. While they cost relatively lower, their construction takes twice as long. However, the real challenge is maintaining them. Algae grows on concrete surfaces and is difficult to clean. Fibreglass pools require virtually no maintenance except for bottom sweeping, just like a bathtub.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Swimming Pools in Perth Homes Can Help Seniors Win Against Obesity

The study adds that being overweight or obese puts people at greater risk of developing diabetes, hypertension, osteoarthritis and respiratory ailments, among other things. Of course, exercise can help seniors lose the excess weight, but at their age, strenuous activities like lifting weights or even prolonged running may cause injuries. Fortunately, adding a swimming pool to Perth homes provides older citizens a way to exercise without overexerting themselves. When people swim, their body is supported by the water, which reduces the pressure on their joints. This doesn’t mean, however, that water exercises are not as effective as their dry-land counterparts. Water is approximately 12 times denser than air, so any activity done in a pool becomes an effective means of strength training.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

The art of making a swimming pool a work of art

If you had money to spend on a pool, how would you do it? A U.S. homeowner hired a pool builder to combine his affinity for violins with his love for Koi. What resulted was a pool design like no other. You can perhaps draw inspiration from this scenario.

The Stradivarius pool
The pool is shaped like a Stradivarius violin, with two fish-filled Koi ponds (shaped like a violin bow) intersecting the violin’s neck. The violin’s chin rest is a 12-person overflow spa. Not content with the design, the owner went ahead and added more “extras.”