Tuesday, 24 June 2014

The Benefits of Installing a Pool in Your Home

People are exercising more regularly to stay in great shape. For some who aren’t too crazy about gym workouts, swimming is about the best activity that engages the entire body—toning muscles and building muscle strength, among others. It’s one of the best reasons why homeowners decide to install pools in their homes.

Besides exercise, having a pool just right outside your door can benefit you in other ways: Here are a few of them:

  • A perfect place to socialize. Pools can become a great place to laze around and keep in touch with people you want to be with or reconnect with.
  • For the elderly, certain exercises at the pool can help them, particularly with arthritic and heart ailments. Simple, supervised activities in the water can help them recover much faster.
  • Convenience. No more swimming at the gym or local sports centre. You have access to a pool 24/7 where you can swim, whenever you want to.
  • A pool is a great stress reliever. Like a hot shower, a dip in the pool, especially when temperature-controlled, can provide a relaxing experience for anyone.

The American Heart Association reports that swimming, even for just 20-30 minutes per day, can cut your risk for coronary heart disease; the Annals of Internal Medicine also supports that regular aerobic exercise eases blood pressure, reducing one’s hazard for stroke.

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